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Our company is providing the complete range of Plat Form and Stair Case with Ladders to meet your daily requirements. These products are available in varieties of design, patterns and sizes and also widely demanded in native markets. The current products are high quality products and according to international standards. These Platform and Staircase can be used as hanging decorations, Painting walls and changing light bulbs providing efficient solutions to all your domestic needs. The platform can be used as a working platform or as the base for any folding steps and stepladders with up to four steps. The adjustable flexibility allows the platform to be easily adjusted in length and height as required per the individual circumstances. For example a spirit level, the built-in bubble allows the platform to be erected in a precise horizontal position. Whether wood, stone, vinyl or carpet, four feet with Soft Grip soles guarantee optimum safety with non-slip stability on different floor coverings. We are also providing additional safety features including the two-hand safety unlock feature for the better safety of our clients.